Country House, Haddington

Photos by Exposure

This family of 5 wanted to create a cosy and comfortable family sitting room in a room situated close to the kitchen but which, until that point, had been somewhat redundant. It was important that all the family could sit in there comfortably together and for the décor to be both cosy and practical and with a fresh approach to the country house look. A large TV was an important feature of the room for the client and the only place for it was above the fireplace. The existing fireplace was too high so the was replaced by a slightly lower and more simple limestone design.

The lighting in the family room was not sufficient or appropriate for the space so we looked at creating a soft spread of mood lighting that highlighted specific areas and gave a more comfortable and relaxed atmosphere to the space. We were keen to keep the traditional features and bring the character back to the room so we replaced the existing white radiators with traditional cast iron ones. A bespoke shelving unit gave the large family some much needed storage in the room and painting it out in the same colour as the walls helped blend it into the overall scheme.