What's nutmeg?

It’s not a book, it’s not a magazine. It’s somewhere inbetween. A high-class home for quality articles about Scottish football past, present and future. Published every three months and sold by subscription only. It offers opinion, reflection, interviews, insight, photography and poetry… a unique blend between uniquely elegant pages.

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There's only one way to get nutmeg*

That’s by subscribing. It’ll cost you less than the admission to most Scottish matches, will entertain you for longer than 90 minutes and there’s less risk of feeling morbidly depressed afterwards when your team’s been gubbed 3-0.

*We do sell copies via 6YardBox in Edinburgh and Social Recluse in Glasgow.

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The nutmeg podcast

A version of the Scottish football periodical for your ears. Hosted by Daniel Gray, the Nutmeg Podcast lands fortnightly and includes conversation about magazine content and in-depth interviews.

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Yes we do publish online too. We believe in print and feel it’s the best way to experience Nutmeg, but as issues sell out we will publish articles here. If you enoy what you read then please share the links online. You are our only way of spreading the word.

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