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The Nutmeg Podcast

A version of the Scottish football periodical for your ears. Hosted by Daniel Gray, The Nutmeg Podcast will appear quarterly, ostensibly to discuss magazine content.

Episode 6

 In this sixth episode Alan Pattullo, Greg Gordon and Andrew Jenkin talk about their contributions to Issue 9. Hosted by Daniel Gray Alan remembers Rangers legend Harry Davis. Greg...

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Episode 5

 In this fifth episode Stephen Watt, David Christie, John Nicholson and Alan McCredie talk about their contributions to Issue 8. Part 1: Stephen and David talk about the contrasting...

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Episode 4

 In this fourth episode Archie Macpherson and Martin Greig talk about their contributions to Issue 7. Archie recalls his early days in radio while Martin talks about the secrets...

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Episode 3

In this third episode Stuart Cosgrove, Alan Pattullo and Joris van de Wier look at the contents of Issue 6 while Greg Gordon, Rob Webb and Dougie Wright discuss the...

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Episode 2

In this second episode Kenny Millar and Andy Goldie discuss youth development and coaching while Maurice Smith and Joel Sked look at Issue 5, including No2s, commentators and Rangers. Hosted...

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Episode 1

In this first episode, Stuart Cosgrove and Fraser McFadzean discuss Ultras fan groups in Scotland, while Alan Pattullo and Archie McGregor take a wistful look at the age of football...

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