About us

Providing investment. Building trust.


A source of reassurance

Our values extend beyond money and investment. We build relationships and trust with our customers and share their motivations. We appreciate the challenges you can face with a social enterprise, particularly if it’s something you’ve never done before, so you will always find us patient and understanding.


A lasting impact

SIS is Scotland’s leading provider of affordable, flexible, repayable investment for social enterprises. We connect capital with communities across Scotland to make a real, measurable and sustainable impact on society, the environment and people’s lives.


A creative solution

We approach every social enterprise investment in an imaginative, creative and responsive way. No forms to fill in: just tell us your plans. We also aim to be a helpful, supportive ally throughout and help you deal with any difficulties you encounter along the road.

Our Performance

An open book

We’re open and transparent, so feel free to take a look at our annual accounts and reports. You can also check out who we’re accredited with. We’re a living-wage employer and a member of Responsible Finance and we follow their Code of Practice.


Enabling impact across Scotland

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Our Impact

Making a real difference

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