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QGIS Cartographic Skills

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Event Description

This 1 day course will teach you how to create attractive, informative maps using QGIS.

Taught by means of tutor-led teaching and hands-on exercises, expand your cartographic expertise by learning how QGIS can be used for producing high quality, meaningful maps.

This course is most suitable for: 

Those with experience of using QGIS with a responsibility for creating maps for the display and communication of information.

Course Outline

Module 1: Extending your skills in the Print Composer

Gain in-depth understanding of the QGIS Print Composer functionality

  • Print Composer functionality
  • Creating a simple map
  • Creating complex maps (including multiple overviews, multiple page design, expression based text and html frames)

Module 2: using the Atlas Builder in QGIS

Understand when to use the Atlas Builder and how to apply it

  • Introduction to the Atlas Builder
  • Batch processing – creating automated map outputs

Module 3: QGIS Labelling Functionality

Learn about the options for labelling maps and how they can be customised.

  • Introduction to labelling
  • Standard labelling techniques
  • Data drive labelling for complex cartographic effects
  • Using QGIS plugins for labelling

Module 4: QGIS Display Diagrams

Learn how to create and integrate histograms, pie charts and diagrams within your maps.

  • Introduction to Display Diagrams and feature data
  • Creating and manipulating diagrams

Module 5: Heat Maps

Understand the benefits of using Heat Maps to identify patterns and trends in data, and learn how to create them.

  • The concept of a Heat Map
  • Typical data sources for producing heat maps
  • Creating Heat Maps

Module 6: Extending your Vector Symbology skills

Learn how to use the QGIS tools to create graphic effects within QGIS and have an advanced understanding of attractive and informative symbology.

  • Overview of the QGIS Symbology creation toolset
  • Symbology styles to create graphic effects
  • Vector data layered symbols
  • Symbol customisation
  • Cartographic and design concepts




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