Benefit from our specialist team skills, knowledge and expertise. We provide a range of professional technical consultancy services to help you in your use and understanding of GIS.

Technical Support

Save time…simply get in touch with us when you need help.

The thinkWhere Servicedesk team provides Technical support for OpenSource technologies such asQGIS, PostGIS, GeoServer and OpenLayers.

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Data Management

thinkWhere is a data-driven company

We truly understand the importance of high quality, up-to-date information for the effective and efficient operation and delivery of your business.

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Strategic Consultancy

There’s always room for improvement

thinkWhere can help you identify new and more efficient ways of exploiting and improving the use of GIS within your business.

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With a fantastic portfolio of OpenSource GIS Training Courses for you to choose from, you can quickly develop your GIS skills by learning through our team of GIS specialists.

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